Indispensable - A Hypertext Short Story - Page 2 She would work on two round-trips a day, with about three hours between the respective trips. An hour of it would be spent escorting the slow moving passengers out, then doing the same for the resupply, this time in. That left about two hours. Not enough time to go anywhere but surely enough time to be bored. She would do this five days a week. Her life had been spent traveling, though never really going anywhere, never seeing the places she travelled to. She had never seen the cities of any of the stops her train made beyond the stations and saw only of Ankara that was within fifteen minutes walking distance from the station. She would always know where she was going and almost exactly when she would get there. The capability for disturbance of such a great comfort for the mind sometimes fascinated her.

However, while there was complaining she could and indeed did do, she was on this train again. On a weekend day. She could not explain why she had bought this round-trip ticket even to herself, let alone to anyone else. She could not justify the reasoning, furthermore the money she spent. Yet she had felt an undescribable moment of clarity that led her to the TCDD website. She had to be on it, even though she did not have to be. Where else she could be?

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