Indispensable - A Hypertext Short Story - Page 3 It had been a pleasant trip out. She hadn't got off in any of the stations and had spent which now was her free time in Ankara just the way it felt right. And now she was going back home. The out train hadn't been late and it looked like this one would not be either. There wasn't going to be an opportunity for that one, though always changing, passenger who would always ask her whether the train would be running late God forbid it if it seemed like it would even by a minute. How did they know? She always wondered.

She was putting on her jacket as the train was about to arrive at the Pendik station. She knew. She could feel every bump, every imperfection on the rail leading up to it. She could close her eyes and tell exactly where they were throughout the trip just by feel. She trusted she would not be wrong by more than a few hundred meters. This was not a monument of pride for her though, this saddened her. When the train stopped she did not get up, she waited. The rush of the passengers, first from their seats to the exit and then all of them jumping joyfully out of the train in the most unkindly fashion was not an unfamiliar sight. She had thought to wait that out of her way. She watched as people made their way to the exit as a single line moving hastingly. These were people traveling to the places they were traveling to. They had destinations. She despised them.

When everyone was clear she started making her way to the exit until she saw an elderly gentleman who was still by his seat with no visible intention of leaving the train. He looked worried. It was the face of a children that he had. He looked as if he wanted to ask something but hesitated to. He was looking around. It wasn't hard to realize that he was looking for the hostess but the hostess that he so eagerly awaited did not seem to be anywhere around. She had thought that maybe he had trouble walking or something but apparently he had not. This took a while, long enough that she felt frustrated. They were trained to make a a final sweep through the train once everybody was out for anyone who might be having a problem or fell asleep. This girl hadn't done that. She would have, she always had. Everytime. She stood there a few more minutes until she decided that this man was not going to get any help from her on-duty colleague. She wondered whether she should or could do something, she felt a certain hesitation though. She could approach him herself or just walk away.

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