Indispensable - A Hypertext Short Story - Page 4 She approached him asking whether he needed help with something. She had expected a short answer but she got a lengthy explanation of his predicament. His name was Mesut. He and his wife would take a one-day trip to Ankara every other week to see their son and grandchildren and this week, like any other, they had done so. But according to him, even though it was not like him to do so, he had fell asleep during the trip and woke up when the train stopped only to see his wife was not with him. "I am worried" he told her. "She forgets things. She got like that as years passed". He was worried that his wife might have thought that one of the middle stations was theirs and got off without him. Mesut was a confidence inspiring man. He was well dressed with a suit, style of which matched his age which looked to be around early to mid-eighties. He wore a bright tie, a distinct but pleasant cologne and spoke with well mannered gestures and a calm speech. It was not hard to see that he was a gentleman back in the day, he still was. She felt bad for the situation that he had found himself in and told him that she would help him. He thanked her with a voice genuinely gratefull.

She thought to start first with the easiest possibility and hoped that maybe Mesut's wife had got off the train and was waiting there for her husband. They got off but no one was around. A security guard there confirmed that no single old lady had got off and lingered around. This visibly stressed Mesut considerably who seemed like he would cry. She told him to wait there, got back in the train and found the hostess, bringing the girl to Mesut. She explained the situation and asked her whether she remembered Mesut's wife and where she had gone. The hostess was a careless girl with a rude voice and as she would put it, a stupid face. She barely, if at all, remembered Mesut and told them she "like maybe" remembered an old woman but had no idea about if she got off and if so where she did. She told her that this was an older lady who sounded to be having memory problems, she told her to think harder, only to get the answer that this was not her problem and certainly not her responsibility. She despised her too. She told her that she was an embarrassment to her job. She shrugged her shoulders and walked away. There they were just the two of them.

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