Indispensable - A Hypertext Short Story - Page 4 She walked passed the elderly gentleman and got off the train. She looked back to see the tired train in all it's strength. It made her smile. She thought about the hours she spent in it. The distance they covered. She had always meant to calculate it someday. Someday she thought.

As she started making her way to the exit of the station, she looked back for a moment and for some reason thought about the elderly gentleman in the train. She wondered whether her colleague found him. She even thought whether she should go back and ask him if needed help with something.

She kept walking until she reached the stairs that connected the station to the destination. She started climbing them to join the life outside. The city was there. Not as the name of the destination but as an existence. Why did being at places seem harder than going to them she wondered.

She had done her usual route, however without her responsibilities it had not felt the same. She had felt it to be somehow insufficient. She involuntarily moved her hand to her chest to take off her name badge, this was where she would always take it off and put it in her pocket. She had always thought about this as an act of liberation yet the fact that she was not wearing it felt like she was missing something. Something she did not define herself without. She always thought her name badge which had the name BELMA written proudly on it, represented her life well. Somebody, somehow had misread the "S" her name started with, with a "B" when making her badge. Her badge was exactly like how she was feeling right then. Something was just wrong with it.

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