Indispensable - A Hypertext Short Story She was maybe three years old when she first realized she liked those things that flew. It was a few more years after that when she realized young women worked in them. She must have first seen it on television, she remembered asking her parents about it. These were nice looking, always smiling girls, wearing clothes, colour of which looked so sweet. She wanted to be one of them. She remembered playing games, walking a self-designated corridor between the sofas in their living room, catering to her doll passengers. She liked that.

There was going to be a problem in the actualization of her career choice though. It was when she was ten years old that her family had planned a short holiday and they were to take a plane there. She remembered how excited she had felt to be finally getting on one. She also remembered very well how terrified she was once the plane was off the ground. She had prayed for her safe deliverance all through the flight. The relief she had felt when that plane landed was so vivid, she remembered very few other occasions in her life that felt so relieving. She had been so scared, she didn't even remember seeing one of those woman she so very much desired to be like. As years passed by, she had often told herself that it had happened that way only because she was so little. That it surely would feel different now but her next travel by air when she was sixteen proved that her anxiety in that original flight was not due to her age but was of character. This realization had saddened her but she had to admit that the peace of mind being on the ground suppressed anything else.