Indispensable - A Hypertext Short Story She had been sitting by the television on Friday night. A quick thought about her plans for the weekend terrified her. What was she going to do? What would she do? She had a lot of places she could want to be but none of those places felt like where she needed to be. She had spent too much time going to places to remember how it felt like wanting to get to somewhere. Similarly she had spent too much time alone to seek the company of someone else. It was hard to admit but knowing when and where she would be had grown on her in a way that the lack of it made her feel like she was coming apart.

It was as she thought about what she should be doing when she did not have to do what she always complained that she had to do that she realized nothing else would bring her the comfort of being on that train. Her life moving further as the train moved from one station to another. It was hard to admit that this had become her life. It was easier however to realize that this would not be her obligation but her decision.