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Kadri Görkem Aka was born on 21 April 1990, in Îstanbul, Turkey.

Always having an interest in literature and fiction, after high school, he received a bachelors degree in American Culture and Literature, while writing a number of short stories in the process. He then received his masters degree in Advertising and Brand Relations and went on to pursue an academic career, currently continuing a Phd. in Communication.

From age 8, Aka was also trained as a classical ballet dancer. He danced professionally, as well as working as an instructor for a number of years.

After his dancing career, Aka started competing in endurance sports, mainly in road cycling, duathlons and running; winning two national duathlon titles in 2014 and 2017 as well as being selected in the first ever Turkish team to compete in Duathlon World Championships. Aka also raced in numerous major amateur cycling races including Paris-Roubaix Challenge, l'Etape London and Chisinau Criterium and he is a frequent competitor in the road national championships.

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Works of Literature

The hypertext story of Selma, a train hostess whose function has become her existence.
Kirmizi Kalem (The Red Pencil)
When a hamster is found in his classroom stabbed with a red pencil, a fourth grader decides it his duty to solve the murder.
Published in 221B Magazine, May-June Issue 2007.
Snailing Through (Salyangoz Yolculugu)
When its best friend is accidentally carried to the other side of the garden they live in by the evil human creature called The Gardener, snail Theuns begins an impossibly long and dangerous journey all the way to the other side of the garden to find its friend and bring it home.

Academic Publications

Virtual Economies: Exchange and Marketing
Virtual Economies: Exchange and Marketing, The Journal of International Social Research, Vol. 10, Issue 53, p. 643-649.
A journal article describing in detail, the concept and general features of virtual economies found in MMORPGs and discussing the role of exchange within them as well as whether marketing has a place in the conduction of this virtual trade.