Snailing Through by Kadri Görkem AKA

Snailing Through

by Kadri Görkem Aka

About The Story

Theuns is a snail that lives in SnailCity, located in a huge garden. Theuns lives a happy snail life until one day, when Theuns' best friend Clincy goes missing as it is accidentally carried away by The Gardener.

To find its best friend, Theuns decides to go on an impossibly long journey for a snail, all the way to the other side of the garden where snails believe Clincy is. Apart from its remarkable length, this journey is filled with great dangers including various predators and most notably The Gardener, a human creature who hates snails.

While snailing through the garden to find its best friend, Theuns will learn many things about the garden, its creatures and about life itself.

About Snailing Through

Even though Snailing Through is mainly a children's book, it is at the same time a short novel quite enjoyable for young adults. In fact readers of all ages can enjoy Snailing Through as long as they love snails or are wondering what may be going on in the big lives of the small creatures in their gardens.

The story of Theuns centers around main themes of friendship, loyalty and respect. Through the adventures Theuns goes through in its journey, Theuns also learns a lot of life lessons. With other creatures also living in the garden beside snails, Theuns also encounters various other species and learns about the importance of inter-cultural interactions and comes to learn how members of different cultures can understand each other and co-exist peacefuly through common points, understanding and sympathy.

Snailing Through by Kadri Görkem AKA is available on Amazon as an eBook.